Our Story

Hearsay Began From The Want Of Something More Than The Usual Lectures And Talks That Simon (The Founder) And His Friend And Team Had Been Attending, After They Would Discuss The Topics At Length And The Want They Had To Continue The Discussion At The Time. What They Wanted Was A Space And Platform That Was About More Than Just Listening To A Speaker, A Space That Influenced Creative Conversation That Encouraged Opinion And That Let The Community Speak Openly. 

As Simons' Agency Was Built To Create Experiences, He Felt That It Was This Sense Of Experience That Was Being Forgotten At These Events. Believing That People Will Always Be Far More Engaged By The Things They Are Most Passionate About He Started To Form The Idea Around Hearsay. The Idea Of Offering A Space Where You The Audience Are Able To Be Part Of The Discussion. A Collaborative Space To Celebrate, Question And Reflect On The Industry. 

This Is Where We Are Right Now At The Beginning - The Start Of The Seed. There Are Many Long-Term Plans For Hearsay, Future Collaborations, Spin Offs And Events But For Now We Want To Concentrate On The Beginning, To Get It Right And To Start Spreading The Word Of Hearsay And The Philosophy Behind It.


So How Does a Hearsay Event work? 


Part 1





The Doors Open And Drinks And Snacks Are Available. 


Part 1 Of Hearsay Begins

A Lecture Of 3 Individual Talks Run By Our Moderator For The Evening. 

A Small Q&A At The End Of The Talks Will Wrap The First Part Of The Evening Up. 




Part 2 Of Hearsay Begins

The Second Half Sees Us Begin The Open Fish Bowl Section Of The Event. 

In An Open Fishbowl, Any Member Of The Audience At Any Time Can Occupy The Empty Chair And Join The Conversation

When This Happens An Existing Member Of The Fishbowl Must Voluntarily Leave The Circle And Free Up A Chair. 

The Discussion Continues With Participants Frequently Entering And Leaving The Fishbowl. 


Our Moderator Wraps The Fishbowl And We End The Discussion With Drinks Available.


Venue Closes