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Discovery conjures up many ideas of the unknown, scenes of travelling in to time and space and feelings of the new and unfound. Yet really discovery can be an incredibly intimate and selfish expedition.

We use discovery to connect with people, to answer briefs, to create an idea or to design an experience. Discovery unveils something tangible even emotional, it’s a skill we use to unveil truths that are personal to us.

In our current climate, the discovery of truth and who’s truth it is has never been more important. So, we want to explore how our community use their skills to do this, how do we recognise the truth and how do we separate the real from the fake?

Or how do we use the skill of discovery in our work, how does it define who we are and ultimately define our output.





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Eva graduated in 1996 in Information Sciences, Advertising and Public Relations at the San Pablo CEU University in Valencia, Spain. She moved to Amsterdam in 2000 to join Cirque du Soleil in the Marketing/Corporate Alliances department, managing sponsorships for the European Tours. After that she became Account Director at Wunderman working on international deployment projects for brands like Land Rover and Jaguar. She then moved to Vodafone where she was the Brand Director for The Netherlands for almost 5 years. Eva has followed the Executive Program of THNK, the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership, where she graduated in 2013. She’s been member of the board of ADCN and the Vodafone Netherlands Foundation.

Eva’s work has been recognised nationally and internationally with the following awards: Ciclope, Cannes Lions, RAB, Grand Prix Content Marketing, Best of Social Media, ADCN Lampen, Lovie Awards, Euro Excellence Awards, SAN, International Excellence Awards, AMMA, Epica and Eurobest.


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Mark is a British photographic artist whose work is inspired by the idea of creating art from collections of everyday objects. He spends his life searching for that elusive edition of a magazine; that one book that will make his collection complete. He explores every facet of them with an intensity that only a collector can. He is relentless pursuit of organisation, of order. Check out his website - - for a closer look at his work.


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As Managing Director of Rosie Lee @rosie.lees since 2003, Russell has overseen significant growth in the agency’s offering. Under his leadership, Rosie Lee has expanded internationally with new offices in New York and Amsterdam, and has won significant projects from clients including Nike, Heineken, Beats by Dre and Jordan Brand. His approach to business is defined by the principles he adheres to in his daily life, with collaboration, openness, and experimentation encouraged. He lives in Frome, Somerset, with his partner and son.


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Pasqualina is the founder of The Recommended Path - wanting to create a more personal and unique recruitment service after being frustrated with others. With over 25 years of working across retail, advertising and marketing before starting her own recruitment agency Pasqualina skills and experience help her to identify and find the right candidates. If there’s something going on Pasqualina knows about it. That’s because she’s constantly in touch with the life blood that drives it. Which is to say, real people. Who better to ask than the people within, those in the thick of it. This enables her to achieve results that never fail to meet the highest of standards.




Coming Soon - Heard it at the fishbowl
Coming Soon - Heard it at the fishbowl
— Hearsay