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When we hear the word future it conjures up many ideas and emotions – uncertainty, excitement, change – it also makes us think about our industry. Where will the industry be in the near future, how will the jobs we do change and how will they affect the future?

In a world where our opinion and views can be expressed in such a fast manner what will the future be for our social and private life and will there truly be a difference?

The creative and design industries among others are changing and adapting to a world where politics, terrorism, equality and human rights are starting to really shift our outward perception on the future and what it means.

We all have to deal with the future it’s inevitable - it’s going to happen whether we like it or not, but it’s about what we can do to shape it for ourselves, for those to come and for those who maybe feel they have no future in front of them.

Whether it means Tech, Digital, analogue, connecting in different ways, experiences or just looking forward to that special moment we are all moving forward into the Future. It seemed like a perfect topic to speak about as we start to head into Spring and begin adventures new that will start shaping our future.




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Victoria is a sustainable fashion blogger based in Amsterdam. Her blog, www.styleme.green, focuses on sustainable fashion, vintage, new technologies and the social aspect of fashion.

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After years working in Advertising and Fashion as a marketing professional, he decided to dedicate his skills and network to more meaningful and relevant topics in society. Which resulted in starting A City Made By People @acitymadebypeople (as a City Enthusiast Officer), an international network of 25 cities and 100+ correspondents, sharing insights and content on city life and culture, through a weekly online and annual print magazine, as monthly speaker events. @amsterdam_madebypeople All with a collective intention: to celebrate and support those who make our cities more liveable.

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Merien Kunst is the Creative Director of Havas Lemz @havaslemz. Currently working with IKEA, Greenchoice, Diabetes Foundation & Citroën. Merien is a copywriter and ideas man who loves to work on campaigns that get people moving and make the world a little bit better. Preferably created in a way or form that deviates from the norm. Recent projects include IKEA Light Recipes, Greenchoice Earth-screwing (Aardkloten) and the Diabetes Foundation Sugar Rehab Clinic.


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Pasqualina is the founder of The Recommended Path - wanting to create a more personal and unique recruitment service after being frustrated with others. With over 25 years of working across retail, advertising and marketing before starting her own recruitment agency Pasqualina skills and experience help her to identify and find the right candidates. If there’s something going on Pasqualina knows about it. That’s because she’s constantly in touch with the life blood that drives it. Which is to say, real people. Who better to ask than the people within, those in the thick of it. This enables her to achieve results that never fail to meet the highest of standards.




Coming Soon - Heard it at the fishbowl
Coming Soon - Heard it at the fishbowl
— Hearsay