We wouldn't be able to create Hearsay without our incredible partners who help, support and collaborate with us. But most importantly believe in our vision of Hearsay. 

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The Wheelhouse

Home to Hearsay and workplace for a carefully selected group of creative independents, it was an easy decision to collaborate with The Wheelhouse. Our main partner in the Hearsay journey so far. We are sure you will enjoy the space as much as we do. 


Gang Studio 

More specifically Jimi Crayon at the Gang Studio who we collaborated with to create our pretty iconic and unique visual identity. Jimi started Gang Studio a new agency that collaborates with forward-thinking brands and nonprofit organisations on progressive creative projects that work in harmony with planet earth and its inhabitants.



Warsteiner makes the difference since 1753. When the Cramer family established the brewery in Warstein in Germany, because the conditions here, close to the best ingredients, are ideal. With those natural ingredients, the craftsmanship and the hospitality of our brewer family, we have made the difference ever since.

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In 1780, John Jameson laid the foundation for his whiskey at the Bowstreet Distillery in Dublin. He proved to be a courageous man, because his whiskey would become the most drunk whiskey in the world. His motto was 'Sine Metu', which means 'without fear'. This motto is still mentioned on every bottle of Jameson.

Rumour Has It

Rumour Has It is a creative agency that delivers experiences for humans and brands alike. Delivering thought provoking creative, that derives from the knowledge of the consumer, culture and the collaboration with the brand. 

We stand for and behind the idea that creating experiences built on storytelling, establishes conversations, that form relationships. 

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Snap Me Pretty

My name is Nadine and I take pictures of happy, awkward, funny, creative, sexy, quirky, and most of all, beautiful, people around the world. I live with my boyfriend and two fluffy cats in The Netherlands, but my bag is always packed for adventures where a phrase book is required (or a floppy hat).


Collins Winning

Collins Winning specialise in the design and delivery of high impact branded environments; our Team create ideas that excite and challenge, they simply love turning client’s brands and marketing messages into three dimensional realities – commercial theatre if you like.

We have a simple strategy that underpins all that we do – we use our experience to deliver much more that our clients thought possible

Printer Pro

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MAARTEN heijer

Maarten is an all round videographer and a super proud dad of two bouncing boys living in Amsterdam. He's an autodidact, an agnostic atheist and an extroverted introvert. 

Promos, animations, interviews, music video’s, registrations, trailers, recaps and of course that one documentary; I direct, shoot, edit and make all kinds of tailor made videos.