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Collaboration seems to be having a rather fashionable outing of late, with even the huffington post calling it "the defining characteristic of creativity". 

But what does collaboration and cross pollination of ideas and thoughts really mean to us? What are the processes and systems needed to truly be a collaborative society and can creatives who generally are quite resistant to receiving ideas form others truly become collaborative forces. Or is it about losing an identity that has been years in the making? 

What does it mean to be truly collaborative and what are the actual benefits? Well lets discuss and see! 





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Ali graduated in 1997 with a double honors in Art & Art History. Taking with him his education of photography, painting, printing, ceramics, graphic art and the entire history of modern art he packed his bags and headed Amsterdam.

Whilst applying for an Art Restoration course at the Rijksmuseum Ali landed a job at Pepe Jeans as a colour coordinator. He realized very quickly that he could apply his learning in a fashion environment.

He moved with Pepe Jeans to Madrid to set up the graphics dept before returning to Amsterdam to consult for a number of high profile denim brands. He then became Art Director at Blue Blood for 6 years - responsible for the brand identity, before following Jason Denham into his new project DENHAM.

Ali has been the Art Director for 10 years during which he created the complete brand visual handwriting. He is still applying his learning through book design, product design, packaging, labelling, photography, graphics and art direction

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Originally hailing from the UK, Maxine has been in Amsterdam for the past 9 years and the foreseeable future. Coming from a diverse background and working in the arts in London, she switched career paths 4 years ago and started working in creative recruitment. Now, she's changed her focus to a more personal project - her connections and the people she meets every day. She started FreshhhConnections last year, a bespoke service; making introductions to leading companies and the creative community within Amsterdam, and is now ready to launch into space and take the next step in her career.

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Rodger is the creative director at PWC as well as being the founder of 60 layers of cake.


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Pasqualina is the founder of The Recommended Path - wanting to create a more personal and unique recruitment service after being frustrated with others. With over 25 years of working across retail, advertising and marketing before starting her own recruitment agency Pasqualina skills and experience help her to identify and find the right candidates. If there’s something going on Pasqualina knows about it. That’s because she’s constantly in touch with the life blood that drives it. Which is to say, real people. Who better to ask than the people within, those in the thick of it. This enables her to achieve results that never fail to meet the highest of standards.




Coming Soon - Heard it at the fishbowl
Coming Soon - Heard it at the fishbowl
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