It’s time for Hearsay No9! 

We wanted to open the floor to a subject that we believe is very close to everyone – retail . Retail continuously morphs to current trends , consumers and technology – however is the true idea of retail dyeing and instead being replaced with online and automated experience to better suit our lifestyles. Or do we truly still value the experience of going in to a shop and having a physical experience – nothing can really replace feeling the product before you buy it. 

It is certainly the case that retail has to change with many stores on the high street having to close the demand for something different has never been greater. However as mentioned in a recent Forbes article over 91% of retail sales last year in America were done in a brick and Mortar store so the question really is – Retail is it dead? Or is just boring retail Dead?

We have three incredible speakers lined up for the event and you will get the chance to have your opinion in the Hearsay Fishbowl!

Once again we are back at The Wheelhouse and as this is an evening event there will be food and drink available all night to help with all of those conversations. 





Hans Rietveld
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Hans Rietveld, partner and creative director of Brandnew brand designers, feels the need to beautify the world.

He's a motivator with a soft spot for vintage cars and is a dad of 4 children that inspire him as a creative every single day.

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Max Waggoner
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Born in New York, Max grew up in San Diego, California before leaving to attend the University of California, Santa Barbara where he studied Business & Economics.

Max has worked at Sonos for the past 11 years in a variety of roles within Finance, Direct Sales, and eCommerce. Last June, Max moved to Amsterdam to manage Sonos' Online Direct-to-Consumer business in Europe, and recently stepped into a role responsible for Retail Experience across Sonos' European and Asian/Pacific markets. Over the course of his career, Max has helped take Sonos from a private startup to public company with over $1B in annual revenue.

In his work, Max tries to view as much as possible through the lens of the customer, and represent that viewpoint relentlessly. His specialties include E-Commerce Management & Strategy, Digital Customer Experience, Online Merchandising, Building High-Performing Teams, Sales Operations, Digital Analytic & Insights, Performance Marketing, Project & Program Planning, Cost/Benefit Analysis.

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Leendert Tange
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Leendert Tange is an innovative design executive with more than 25 years of success creating branded hospitality and retail spaces. Leveraging extensive experience in design forward-thinking for global retail brands in sports, beauty, lifestyle and tech, Leendert is a valuable asset for companies requiring expert assistance with brand design and strategy, digital experience, brand campaigns or digital integration. His broad areas of expertise include branding, design, interior architecture and digital marketing.

After helping to establish the Niketowns in Europe, Leendert co-founded Storeage, a retail agency with the goal of adding soul to brands. He believes brands ultimately should energise people and that design is the frequency to transmit that energy. Since founding the business in 2000, he has been successful in its international expansion, setting up offices in the US and Asia and providing retail design services for clients such as T-Mobile, Coca-Cola, Levi’s, Nike, Converse, Timberland, L’Oreal, and Johnnie Walker.

Leendert also lends his expertise as a lecturer on retail architecture and branding at the Delft University of Technology, and continues to serve as a public speaker at retail industry events. Prior to this, Leendert worked with a wide range of Dutch design agencies as well as Nike’s European Retail department.

Leendert holds a Master’s in Retail Marketing from the University of Amsterdam and a Master’s in Industrial Design Engineering from Delft University of Technology. He currently serves on the board of the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO).

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Amy Brown
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Iris Amsterdam’s head of planning Amy Brown is a US native, ex-analyst, and adjunct professor.

She is a passionate advocate for the evolution of brand personalities in digital, and why a brand rally cry of purpose must be backed up by action.


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Coming Soon - Heard it at the fishbowl
Coming Soon - Heard it at the fishbowl
— Hearsay