It's time for Hearsay No7!

With the Pride celebrations soon to hit Amsterdam we wanted to celebrate the incredible community that come together on this day. 

Hearsay this month will be looking at the subject of Visibility and offer the platform for people to explore and discuss this subject. We want to celebrate the diversity of the Amsterdam LGBTQ+ community and hear directly from them with an incredible line up of speakers.

We chose Visibility as a subject for our Pride edition as we felt that just being visible is the first battle in acceptance, something that is at the heart of all Pride celebrations. However visibility is personal and is something the members of the LGBTQ+ community fight with daily. 

At a time where the community is more visible than ever so are the people who chose to discriminate and hate. In an era where everyone is enablde to have an opinion is all Visibility good? So in this time where the mainstream media and corporations seem to be openly accepting the LGBTQ+ community does the idea of Visibility need to be re-examined and what does this do to the community where the traditional spaces, subcultures are diluting.   

We not only want to question Visibility but celebrate it and the platforms that have been created from it, share stories of peoples personal journeys and show the courage of a community that comes together to make the impossible happen - all wrapped up in a little glow of rainbow. 

So as we launch in to pride lets get together and remember what pride is for - Visibility- a time to be seen and heard.





Naomie Pieter
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Naomie is an Afro-Dutch Caribbean performance artist based in Amsterdam, where she studies at SNDO.

She is the co-founder of Black Queer & Trans Resistance NL and Pon De Pride and the founder of Pride of Colour within Amsterdam Pride.

She is an organiser, a public speaker, a choreographer, a futurist and a rebel!


Peter Van Vught
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Growing up at the farm in a Catholic family Peter escaped after milking cows for years and driving trucks.

He ended up in Amsterdam when he was 23 years old and started to work for Paradiso at the PR department. By the age of 25, Peter had started to work as a booker/promoter at Paradiso and went on to organise many club nights and concepts like Paranoia, Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor and a festival called Milkshake.

Following this Peter worked as the Creative Director & PR Manager at Club NYX for 3 years, which saw the opening of a new openminded Club in Amsterdam.

In 2015 Peter started to work as a freelancer as his own boss, working for Pride Amsterdam, Superball and many other events. Next to all of this he is part of DJ duo The G-Team and have his own weekly LGBT radioshow ‘Beter Peter’ at AmsterfdamFM.


Loena Maas
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Loena is an out and proud trans activist and the first youth pride ambassador of the Netherlands.

She has been doing her best at educating people on topics such as gender, sexuality and feminism trough different media for over 5 years, after many incidents of ignorance and discrimination. With only one goal to be the queer person that she needed when she was young.


Amber Vineyard
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What Is House of Vineyard? "Put Your Drama In Your Dance and Leave it On the Floor!"

Founded by Pioneer and Mother, Amber ‘The Ambiance’ Vineyard, House of Vineyard creates platforms for the Dutch Ballroom Scene to spread empowerment and fearlessness for those who don't fit into societies expectations of beauty, gender and sexual expression. Because You Can be anything you want to be when your surrounded by the Dutch Ballroom Scene! From Serving Face, Body, Style and Vogue performance, House of Vineyard gives permission to take the spot light. Even if just for one night.

House of Vineyard throw various different ballroom events where the children of the dutch ballroom scene compete in various categories ranging from Fashion, Dance and Realness. Categories can range from 3 to 30. You can catch the annual ball hosted by 'Mother' at the Milkshake Festival Amsterdam Sat. July 28th. In addition you can find us at our very own After party and club night - Pussy Wagon - Located at Club NYX Amsterdam.




Coming Soon - Heard it at the fishbowl
Coming Soon - Heard it at the fishbowl
— Hearsay